Monday, January 9, 2012

Becoming a big girl!

1/7/12 Natalie got her ears pierced!! Wow does she look so grown up now!  She was so excited about the idea and I had to be convinced it was a good idea.  She did so well,  I couldn't be any prouder of her! She flinched and said 'OW' and that was it, there were no tears.  When it was over she got out of the chair and started to show everyone in the store her newly pierced ears and asked each person "aren't my ears pretty?"

Friday, January 6, 2012

Starting the new year beautiful!

Today was a normal busy day at work, dragging on and on watching the clock waiting for it to be over.  Shortly after my lunch break I was told someone was there to see me, I look over and theres a delivery lady holding these beautiful flowers asking if I was Emily.  Josh had flowers delivered to me at work! How sweet! I love it when he does this :)  It turned my day completely around!  When 6 O'clock finally rolled around I made it to my car to find he was out there waiting for me!  He came down to Maricopa to take me to dinner. What a great 2012!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

This NYE has to be the best by far.  During the day Josh and I took the girls to Ikea and let them play in their play room while we took the time to chat about anything we wanted without the kids crying/yelling.  From Ikea we went to the mall where we walked around and let the kids release even more energy at the play park.  Sitting at the play park Josh asked me if I wanted to go to Weisfield.  What girl would turn THAT down??  So we had to go to another mall for that store so we packed the kids up and took them to an "outdoor" mall.  I picked out the bracelet I absolutely love.   And Josh threw in a matching necklace.  So by now it was getting dark and we went home and I cooked us all dinner.  Finally after all day of hearing Natalie ask "When are we having s'mores?"  we went to spend the rest of NYE at Josh's parents house.  We spent most of the time around the firepit which was warm and relaxing.  Natalie FINALLY got to have her long awaited S'more.  Keeping Natalie warm in my arms she asked me if she could stay up all night, I said she could stay up until she falls asleep.  ..10 minutes later, she was asleep.  It was a simple NYE spent with family instead of a bar with drunks.