Thursday, November 11, 2010

Simple teeth bleaching tip

I found a cheap and effective way to bleach your teeth without spending money on expensive kits or doing it in the dentist office.  I found football mouthguards at walmart for $1 each (I grabbed two) and I use the 5 minute whiting paste.  I found a handy trick is to boil the mouth guards for about 30 seconds and fit one on the top teeth (yeah..let it cool for a sec.. because putting lava hot plastic on your teeth really hurts the gums) and repeat for the bottom. Its really neat because it makes a customized mouth tray for the bleaching paste.  I like to put a thin layer on my teeth and really rub it in between each tooth (i dont want bloches of white) then you can either add another layer of the paste THEN put the mouthgaurd on or you can fill the mouthguard with the paste (I tried that and the consistency of the paste made me want to throw up).  And again do the same for the bottom.  You can leave this on for 5 minutes up to 20 minutes for severely stained teeth.  I do mine while im in the shower so no one sees me with the goofy mouthguards in and that way i bleach them for about 10 minutes.  I found everything I needed to this at walmart, the mouthguards were $1 each and the bleaching paste was less than $5.  $7 sure beats $40 kits.  Happy bleaching!!

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