Saturday, January 29, 2011

Balloons, Baby, Birthday! (And Bouncy Castle!)

Wow I'm really slacking with getting new posts up!! Its the end of the month already and the last post was from the beginning!!  So sorry about that!!  I have NO idea where the time has gone!!  Today was Arianna's 4th birthday party and for the first time I got the day off for it.  It was alot of fun not to mention alot of well needed catching up with Sarah.  I cannot believe how much Arianna has grown and changed since I've seen her last May.  And little Baby Lucy is absolutely ADORABLE!! I held her and just missed what it feels like to hold such a little baby! (uh oh haha!)  Here are some pictures I took with my phone, later I will post more pictures that Sarah took.. I'm waiting on hers because her camara is AMAZING.  And yes, I did bounce for a little bit in the bouncy castle.  It felt good to feel 4 years old again haha.

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