Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No really, its not me its you.

So Ive had my fair share of bad luck in the dating world.. ok ok so Ive struck out everytime. So with that record going for me you would think "wow this chick has issues!". Nope not the case at all. Ive taken the blame every single time because Im not in it for a fight. But I am so sick of being blamed. "We're moving to fast' yet you made the first move and Im only following your lead. Or "we're on 2 ends of the spectrum darlin'" oh yes I've heard them all. You would think I would be terribly bitter by this but I'm not. I actually expect it to happen. I dont know what a healthy relationship feels like so perhaps I'm not sad by what I'm missing out on. I will continue living my life happily being Natalie's mother because that is what I enjoy the most. Just dont think you could ever hurt me, Ive seen a hell most haven't.

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