Saturday, December 24, 2011

Plasma Racers, Scooters, Makeup oh my!

Today was Christmas Eve, and Josh and I made a call to Santa asking if he could possibly come early for our girls since Josh has to work on Christmas day.  Well the big man came through and we have been up since 5am!!  I dont even think I can name off everything these kids got, it ranges from Plasma Racers to Razor scooters to makeup.  I would go more into detail about the day but I'm super sick and cant even think straight anymore.  The day started off with presents at Josh's house and finished at Aunt Jen and Uncle Patricks house for MORE presents.  Annnnnd Santa gets to make another delivery but to Natalie's house in the morning.  I am officially Christmas fried.   Enjoy the pictures from this morning. Merry Christmas!

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